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Quality and safety

Our customers can be sure about safety of all the products thanks to modern multi-level system of quality control of all technological processes at every stage of production: from choosing a supplier of raw materials to analysis of every manufacturing range. The system of control is based on best world practice, principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and international standards of quality management and food safety of all the products.

2012 — Department of quality set as a separate unit, where physicochemical and microbiological laboratories function. The laboratories are equipped with modern high-impact equipment, which help to conduct classic and express researches: physicochemical, organoleptic, microbiological features of quality and food safety. The quality management system and food safety are set up, which controls every stage of production: choosing and rating a supplier, controlling storage conditions of raw materials, production, storage and shipment of products.

2014 — The quality management system and food safety certified on all-Union State Standard Р ИСО 22000-2007.

2015-2017 — Motivational events are held to improve quality of products. The KPI system is created, for example, abidance of sanitary-hygienic requirements and necessary preliminary conditions; output of qualitative and safe products; provision of high quality raw materials.

From 2017 and to present – constant improvement of programs aim at quality improvement and food safety, skill improvement of stuff, highly efficient modern equipment. We understand high confidence and responsibility for health of each customer.

Our main concern – is to provide huge range of qualitative products with high usability, original and classic flavors in a modern packaging.